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Ouman launches new wireless sensor solution

Published: 11.5.2016 Author: Ouman Oy

The new Ouman wireless system enables temperature monitoring for different kind of properties and information can be provided for different user groups and building automation systems. System is designed to be extremely easy and fast to install which ensures cost effectiveness already from installation. Wireless data monitoring and powering with regular batteries ensures low life cycle management costs and installations without wiring and wall drilling.

One wireless base station can monitor data from up to 100 sensors. Ouman wireless solution connected with building automation system can adjust conditions in a building based on real conditions providing cost effectiveness and comfort.

Setting up wireless sensor network is extremely easy. There is no need for any additional special tools or devices.
After WL-Base device is connected to internet, user can make all changes by using laptop, tablet device or smart phone. Sensors are paired with wireless sensor network by pressing connect button while installing sensors to selected areas of facility or other measured space or target.
ONE CLICK installation method makes things easy!

The system consists of wireless sensors (WL-TEMP) and base station (WL-Base) that provides LAN connectivity to internet and monitoring trough cloud service.
Default measurement options are temperature and *AUX- connector for multipurpose usage.
Wireless sensors can work as signal repeaters by adding power supply. (5VDC)
This ensures seamless data flow even in challenging signaling environments or with long distances.

Using Ouman wireless system is easy and it is flexible solution for many purposes

• With build-in ACCESS functionality WL-Base can be connected to any internet connection (Under Firewall) and measurement values can be red directly from WL-Base WEB-Server any device which have connection to internet and has generic user interface.
• WL-Base had plug and play connectivity Ouman Ounet SCADA system.
• With Modbus RTU/TCP communication bus it is possible to connect wireless solution to any SCADA systems.
• By using QR-Code on WL-Base unit, user can easily reach unit’s integrated WEB-server.

*AUX- connector enables additional measurement to be connected to sensor
(temperature, 0..10VDC measure or digital state)

Example picture about typical installation of Ouman Wireless system


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Merger of Ouman Ltd

Published: 5.1.2016 Author: Ouman Oy

We would like to inform you that Ouman Ltd (company code 2216007-2) will be merged with other Oumangroup
companies in Finland. The merger is driven by the need to rationalize the group structure and it will
be effective from December 31st 2015.

Business operations of Ouman Ltd will continue as normal and the only changes towards you will be the
change of the company code and the invoicing address.

After the merger is complete the Ouman Ltd’s company code will be 2447613-4.

The invoicing address will also change. We hope that you will send e-invoices using the following

E-invoice address: 003724476134
Operator: Maventa
Operator code: 003721291126

In case you can’t send e-invoices, please send the invoices in PDF-format to the following e-mail address:

Invoices via normal mail can be send to the following address:

Ouman Oy
Sinkokatu 11
26100 RAUMA

Please include our reference, your reference and the project number to the invoices.
In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact to our CFO mr. Heikki Uurto +358 40 759 3605 or

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Million savings with Ouman’ s Heat Guard in the heating expenses of apartment houses

Published: 28.3.2014 Author: Ouman Oy

Newsletter 28.3.2014: The HeatGuard service develop by Ouman from Kempele is able to adjust the heating system consumption of an apartment house to a clearly smaller level. Ouman has approximately 1600 customers in Finland, mainly housing companies. ”The heating costs of our client properties have decreased by 5,4 million euros, thanks to HeatGuard, tells Ouman’s Tommi Jokelainen.

Heating costs are the biggest item of expenditure of the housing company with a 25% share of all costs. Ouman’s HeatGuard achieves an average of 17% reduction in heating costs. For a housing company this reaches into several thousands of euros, every year, for example for the 25 000 euro heating costs of 30 apartments the saving is 4300 euros. The investment pays itself back quickly, usually in less than two years.

”We have saved about 1,1 million euros with HeatGuard in Oulu region”, says Jokelainen in an event arrange by Oulu’s building supervision and Property association. In some sites energy is saved even more. For example the housing corporation Matador in Oulu has measured a saving of 22% and the housing corporation Tervaporvari even a saving of 27%. In these types of sites, HeatGuard will pay itself back already in a year.

HeatGuard, a size of coffee packet, is installed to the heat distribution room to a hydronic radiator heating network and attached to the heat control automation. HeatGuard takes into account sources of free heat such as the sun, body heat, home appliances and other sources of thermal production.

HeatGuard measures the pressure difference in the heating network by detecting changes in radiator thermostats in apartments in real time and relaying that information to the thermostat controls, which then allocate the optimum amount of heat to the network. The correct temperature of water ensures the optimal flow in the heating network. This differential pressure-based compensation method is patented (nr. 120059).

Ouman’s total service includes a free property saving survey, reporting to the property residents and maintenance, installation of the HeatGuard and the adjustments to it, checking the basic fees of the district heating, monitoring the created savings and reporting. ”We offer also satisfaction and savings warranties”, promises Jokelainen.

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LeaseGreen and Ouman make rented houses more energy efficient in Vuosaari, Helsinki

Published: 27.2.2014 Author: Ouman Oy

LeaseGreen and Ouman who specialize in developing energy efficiency realized a project in Helsinki’s Vuosaari, which will boost up the energy consumption of Helsinki’s rental apartment houses. Ouman’s Heat Guards are installed to five housing companies in the project which will cut down the district heating bill of the houses with approx. 250 000 euros during the life cycle of the investments.

The houses were built in 1999-2001. Their total volume is 80 000 m3 and heating costs are approximately 200 000 euros annually. The new HeatGuards are financed by LeaseGreen’s monthly payment model which will decrease the heating costs of the buildings already during the contract period.

City of Helsinki the pioneer of energy efficiency

”The city of Helsinki is the pioneer of energy efficiency ”, says the CEO of LeaseGreen, Mr Tomi Mäkipelto.
”Our cooperation model speeds up the energy saving projects: we get to realize even such projects to which the budgets of housing companies or cities are not sufficient. Here is a great opportunity for all Finnish municipalities. Energy efficiency opportunities should be investigated before you start laying off for example teachers.”

Finnish technology contributes to energy efficiency

The new HeatGuards of Vuosaari’s rental apartment houses are delivered by Finnish Ouman. Until now, the heating of the houses has been controlled only based on the outdoor temperature. HeatGuard senses the altering heat loads of the property and adjust the heating according to the needs. The technology is based on a patented pressure difference compensation method and optimization made in the heating system of the property.

”Traditional saving does not take into account any other heat loads then the outdoor temperatures, when there are great differences in apartment temperatures”, says Ouman’s Matti Nevala. ”The owners of warmer apartments have to air out the excessive heat through windows. There is no sense in it.”

Two million Finns live in housing companies whose living costs have increased faster than inflation in the 2000s due to the increase of energy prices and real estate maintenance. The reasonable energy saving potential of housing companies is 10-25% depending on the age of the buildings, but with houses built in the 60s70s it may be even 30-50 %.

Further information:
Leasegreen Suomi Oy, CEO
Tomi Mäkipelto, p.050 370 4092,

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