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Ouman launches new wireless sensor solution

The new Ouman wireless system enables temperature monitoring for different kind of properties and information can be provided for different user groups and building automation systems. System is designed to be extremely easy and fast to install which ensures cost effectiveness already from installation. Wireless data monitoring and powering with regular batteries ensures low life cycle management costs and installations without wiring and wall drilling.

One wireless base station can monitor data from up to 100 sensors. Ouman wireless solution connected with building automation system can adjust conditions in a building based on real conditions providing cost effectiveness and comfort.

Setting up wireless sensor network is extremely easy. There is no need for any additional special tools or devices.
After WL-Base device is connected to internet, user can make all changes by using laptop, tablet device or smart phone. Sensors are paired with wireless sensor network by pressing connect button while installing sensors to selected areas of facility or other measured space or target.
ONE CLICK installation method makes things easy!

The system consists of wireless sensors (WL-TEMP) and base station (WL-Base) that provides LAN connectivity to internet and monitoring trough cloud service.
Default measurement options are temperature and *AUX- connector for multipurpose usage.
Wireless sensors can work as signal repeaters by adding power supply. (5VDC)
This ensures seamless data flow even in challenging signaling environments or with long distances.

Using Ouman wireless system is easy and it is flexible solution for many purposes

• With build-in ACCESS functionality WL-Base can be connected to any internet connection (Under Firewall) and measurement values can be red directly from WL-Base WEB-Server any device which have connection to internet and has generic user interface.
• WL-Base had plug and play connectivity Ouman Ounet SCADA system.
• With Modbus RTU/TCP communication bus it is possible to connect wireless solution to any SCADA systems.
• By using QR-Code on WL-Base unit, user can easily reach unit’s integrated WEB-server.

*AUX- connector enables additional measurement to be connected to sensor
(temperature, 0..10VDC measure or digital state)

Example picture about typical installation of Ouman Wireless system


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