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A building automation system you can trust

The automation of properties is in transition. Building automation systems require property users to have new kinds of skills. Maintenance tasks are growing more complex. The control of heating systems, process control and the monitoring of alarms are moving to web-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Ouman supplies user-friendly, reliable and familiar regulators, remote control tools and field devices with 30-years of experience.

Technical support, only a phone call away

Ouman knows a property’s heating and ventilation processes and its automation. Ouman’s user-friendly equipment can be found in thousands of properties and are familiar to most users. In the event of technical problems, our technical support is only a phone call away.

You can also find a select and competent network of contractors through Ouman.

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Place an order

Ouman supplies spare parts for valves, motors and sensors. Place your order easily over the phone, via email [tilaukset(at)]. Place your order today, and the items will be shipped tomorrow.

Call our export team for any order-related or tecnical support matters.

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