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Ideasta ratkaisuun vaiheistettu näkymä

We know the market

We understand the overall HVAC market and know the industry’s standards, requirements, environment and conditions. This allows you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve your goal faster. 

We are a partner

You are not alone in project management. We are a comprehensive partner, accompanying you at every step from start to finish.

We remove bottlenecks

Collaboration in design, sourcing and production removes production bottlenecks. The component manufacturers and sourcing channels we use have been customised in such a way that components commonly used in technical building services can be ordered rapidly and in large batches. This guarantees quality component selections and better availability. Our own plant brings flexibility to production and improves the security of supply.

Ouman’s design solutions

From idea into a product with the ODM service

In Ouman’s OEM/ODM service, we will serve as your partner. We will perform the work according to your wishes and expectations. The service is ideal for equipment manufacturers or brand owners who want to differentiate in the market with products that reflect their brand and whose manufacturing volumes are sufficient for effective cost optimisation.

We design, manufacture and deliver your product, which you integrate into your own system. The product is the property of your company and the solution you own will not be sold to competitors.

Ouman’s product solutions include

  • a control system which manages the equipment’s overall operation
  • a user interface which communicates with the user
  • remote control solutions
  • sensors
Contacts to Ouman ODM / OEM sales

Risk-free testing of product ideas with the OEM service

Ouman’s OEM service is ideal for equipment manufacturers or brand owners who want to test the target market with new product ideas without risk, economically and fast.

Ouman’s OEM services refer to the development of products and regulators. We have developed numerous regulators and other products, and these existing product platforms can be customised to meet your needs. 

There is no need for you to worry about development costs. By taking advantage of Ouman’s ready solutions, you can minimise product development costs and save development time.

Buy proven design and manufacturing services

We design the product’s electronics, software and mechanics. In addition, we ensure that its production will progress in optimum fashion.

Ouman guarantees the quality of your product. The products we manufacture use proven, high-quality, Finnish regulators customised for the intended purpose of use. The products are manufactured in Ouman’s own plants in Finland and Estonia (add quality certificates). At Ouman, the design phase concerning the product and production also always includes production competence, as opposed to an engineering firm specialised solely on product design.   

We optimise production costs between product development and production. The components, which make up more than half of the overall costs, are selected at the design phase. We will help you to make component selections that lower the overall costs, without compromising on quality.

If a product requires the approval of a third party, we can, in many cases, apply for that approval on your behalf. In addition, we are responsible for your product’s deliveries and servicing throughout its life cycle.