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What are the people like at Ouman?

In 30 years, we have grown from a Finnish manufacturer of controllers to an international building automation industry expert. Our solutions are enjoyed by residents, property owners, property managers, contractors, engineers and equipment manufacturers across Europe. We are the biggest manufacturer of HVAC controllers in the Nordic countries and produce 1.2 million products annually.

Ouman has five locations in Finland – in Kempele, Rauma, Espoo, Turku and Tampere. In addition to our offices and factories, our field organisation has people across the country. Our foreign customers are served also through offices located in Gothenburg and St. Petersburg. Our factories are located in Kempele, Finland, and Kuressaare, Estonia.

In addition to sharp product development skills and an efficient production team, Ouman has a skilful group of property automation experts. Ouman Group’s net sales are EUR 33 million and the company employs 275 people.

Our management system is certified by Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015.
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Ouman’s two business areas: Ouman Products and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

The Ouman Products business area delivers everything that an automation contractor needs for the control of HVAC processes. We have a wide range of regulators and field devices. Unit regulators are best suited for simple installations, while the Ouman Ouflex system is ideal for more extensive building automation solutions. Ouman is also a pioneer in the remote control of properties. Our first remote control products were manufactured in the 1990s.

For our OEM customers, we deliver development projects in an easy way. We bring together the operations of a design firm and production in efficient cooperation. We help our customers develop new concepts, develop those concepts into products and maufacture them ourselves – some 1,200,000 products a year.

Our products make use of cutting edge technology. We master all short-range wireless data transmission techniques. Our customers benefit from new products, including the aritificial intelligence under development.

Come and work for us

We are always interested in top professionals in the field of energy efficiency and building automation. We have taken it upon ourselves to revolutionise our industry. We produce energy-efficient property automation products and services with a renewing approach.

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