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Finnish housing companies house Ouman’s building automation

We are solid professionals of building automation with decades of experience. This is why you can find Ouman’s building automation in the majority of Finnish housing companies.

Heating adjustment is the most important thing ensured by automation. We have long-term experience of the operation of housing companies’ heating networks in Nordic conditions. We also know the ventilation and other building automation operations of housing companies.

Our strength lies in independently functioning unit regulators, which can be integrated in the overall system when necessary. We also manufacture system products which also enable the management of larger systems.

The programmable automation system

The operation of modern, more complex building automation equipment is largely based on programmable logic controllers. Thanks to free programmability, the same equipment platform can be used for highly varied automation solutions. This enables the same equipment to work flexibly in different projects and processes.

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Ouman Ouflex system
Ouman automaatiourakoitsijat

Advanced automation that can be operated with common sense


The need to use building automation often comes unexpectedly, such as in the middle of a fault situation. It is in these cases where user-friendliness becomes very valuable. The user interfaces are in English and the menu structures are simple.  You do not have to bother yourself with programming languages, parameters or have a thick manual to hand. You can find out everything you need by browsing the view. The view will instruct the user.

Anticipates and reports fault situations

Anticipatory automation speeds up the fault-finding process. The property’s operation can be monitored in real-time on a mobile device or a computer. As an example, we can think about a fault in the water network, first detected by a controller that is part of the automation. The housing company’s maintenance company is alerted to the type and location of the fault automatically. The regulator simply states that the fault derives from an overheating alarm.  In all likelihood, one of the residents will also notice the fault and call the maintenance company. At this point, the maintenance company can confirm that the fault has already been detected and repair measures initiated. The rapid reaction of the maintenance company gives the residents a reliable and active image of the housing company and maintenance company’s operations.

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Ouman Wireless measuring system

For monitoring the temperature and humidity in buildings. The Ouman Wireless measuring system guarantees more even indoor temperatures with less costs.

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Easily scalable automation

We have productised four compact I/O modules that allow for expanding the Ouflex automation system’s I/O points.

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The benefits of independently functioning unit controllers

Housing companies seldom undergo a full-scale renovation in which they would overhaul all building automation controls. Instead, the work is carried out in smaller parts. The exhaust air ventilation might be renewed during the installation of a new roof. After that, the focus may shift to the piping, at which the time the content of the heat distribution room is also renewed.

While renovations are carried out in stages, building automation extends to all parts of the property. Modular unit controllers and system products nevertheless allow for advancing the renovation in cycles.

Not all automation needs to be taken care of at the same time. In terms of building automation, you can progress one part at a time – in step with the renovation project.

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Ouman automaatiourakoitsijat
Ouman kiinteistöratkaisut

Orders can also be placed via email

We have opened up an email account for orders, tilaukset(ät), to which you can send all plain orders. The plant’s packing centre monitors the email during working hours. For orders to be processed efficiently, they should mention:

  • product codes and the number of products ordered
  • the delivery address, method and time

Email orders received during working days are processed and shipped the same day. Email orders received before 2 p.m. are processed and shipped by express mail the same day, if so requested. Order confirmations are sent upon request.


Please call our export team for any order-related or tecnical support matters concerning exporting outside of Finland.

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