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Ouman Wireless measuring system

For monitoring the temperature and humidity in buildings. The Ouman Wireless measuring system guarantees more even indoor temperatures with less costs.

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Ouman Wireless – always the right indoor temperature

Every resident has the right to healthy indoor air of the right temperature. According to studies, the ideal room temperature is 21 degrees, whereas the optimum humidity varies between 20–70 per cent, depending on the time of the year. Indoor air that is too dry causes skin and respiratory symptoms and increases the amount of dust in a flat. Indoor air that is too humid, on the other hand, exposes structures to mould and microbial damage.

SYSTEM SUPPORT (Ouman Flexiot system)
SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Ouman unit controllers)
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Uneven temperatures between different flats is a well-known problem in high-rise buildings. The residents in one flat are complaining about feeling cold, while the residents in another are annoyed by indoor air that is too warm. In the spring sunshine, some residents get too hot and vent expensively heated indoor air outdoors. This creates friction between the residents and grey hairs for the housing company’s board and property manager

Indoor premises under control

The Ouman Wireless measuring system brings the temperature and humidity data of a property’s indoor premises under careful monitoring and control. Flat-specific temperature and humidity data allow for the balancing and optimisation of the entire property’s heating. The availability of flat-specific measurement data is also makes the job of the property manager and maintenance company easier.

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Ready in a minute

Given that Ouman Wireless is, true to its name, a wireless measuring system, its deployment is easy and fast, in all sites

The system can be installed and commissioned within a single day. The flat-specific installation takes about a minute. The residents of the housing company can usually be present throughout the installation and commissioning. It is enough for Ouman’s fitters to have access to the necessary flats and that the residents have been informed beforehand.

Cabling, which is costly and slow to carry out, is not necessary.