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Operationally reliable products have cemented Ouman’s status as the main brand for Automaatio-Center

HVAC automation specialist Automaatio-Center and Ouman have engaged in close cooperation since Automaatio-Center’s operations began. Thanks to its easy-to-use and operationally reliable products, Ouman has cemented its position as the main brand used by Automaatio-Center. Well-fitted devices can be trusted.

Automaatio-Center is a company specialising in HVAC automation. It repairs, services and renews automation equipment for the heating and ventilation of properties. The company was established in 1998.

“I worked in the business before that, too. We started with a small team and now there are about 10 of us,” says Simo Liimatainen, Automaatio-Center’s Managing Director.

A few excerpts from the video

– Automaatio-Center has worked in close cooperation with Ouman for more than 20 years now. Ouman is Automaatio-Center’s main brand – and it’s a top seller.
– The products always come with good manuals and they’re easy to use. Property owners really appreciate them.

“Automaatio-Center and Ouman’s cooperation has been excellent from the outset. We can only thank Ouman for how stable and uneventful they are. We’ve always been able to trust that we know what’s going on. If we’ve needed help out in the field, we’ve always received it,” says Liimatainen.

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