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More constant heating with lower costs

SATO, one of the largest rental housing companies in Finland, is committed to the national Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Property and Building Sector, and strives to reduce its energy consumption to fulfil its requirements. SATO now has more than a hundred buildings with Ouman’s temperature and humidity sensors installed in each apartment. They help to improve energy consumption management and to make welcome savings.

Currently SATO owns around 26,000 rental apartments. The company builds on average a thousand new apartments every year. SATO has operated in Finland for over 50 years already. The majority of its apartments are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as well as in Turku and Tampere.

Reduced energy consumption to protect nature

SATO is committed to the national Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Property and Building Sector. The agreement has been signed by Finland’s largest property investors and rental housing companies. Hence SATO strives to reduce its energy consumption in practice.
– We want to make an effort together to reduce our energy consumption and thus protect nature. We prepare a report our energy consumption every year. At the end of each year, we are able to assess how well we have achieved our goal, explains Robert Andersson, SATO’s director of building services engineering.
– We are interested in the environment and nature. Our energy consumption is quite high because we have so many buildings. This is why even a small saving makes a great impact both financially and environmentally.

Better precision in heating and savings in costs

More than a hundred of SATO’s buildings make use of Ouman’s wireless temperature and humidity measuring. Before the procurement, SATO invited tenders from different suppliers and audited them. Ouman was already a trusted partner, who in the end also made the best offer. The wireless system is installed in every apartment, and it enables more precise heat control based on the actual temperature and also helps to detect any irregularities. It is monitored through the Ounet remote management system.
– Ouman offered us a turnkey solution including both the installation and the cloud service. The sensors are attached to walls using an extra strong tape. The inhabitants can set a desired average temperature, and the temperature is then controlled automatically on the basis of the setting, Andersson describes.
– Traditionally, we have only monitored the outside temperature, but now we are also able to take into account the waste heat produced by people and machines. Thanks to the system, we can make savings in heating costs and offer more even indoor temperatures to our inhabitants, Andersson goes on to say.

“It was easy to work with professionals”

Andersson is particularly pleased with Ouman’s customer service and communication. They always replied to SATO’s inquiries quickly and really took its wishes into account.
– It was easy to work with professionals, Andersson describes.
– The communication between Ouman’s project manager and account manager worked really well. For us, everything went very smoothly, Andersson concludes.


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