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Functional products and technical support

Turun LVI-Instrumentointi delivers building automation solutions as a subcontractor for construction and ventilation contractors, and directly to developers. The cooperation between Ouman and Turun LVI-Instrumentointi goes back more than 10 years. The important factors for LVI-Instrumentointi include the fact that Ouman is a domestic company and the functionality of its technical support and equipment.

Turun LVI-Instrumentointi installs Ouman’s products in all building automation, including ventilation machines and heat exchangers.

– “We’ve also undertaken work for water supply plants, churches and other demanding projects,” says Mikko Taavitsainen, who works as a project manager at Turun LVI-Instrumentointi. .

A few comments from the video:

– “A domestic supplier is an extremely important factor in the delivery of these products,” says Matti Savolainen, Managing Director of Turun LVI-Instrumentointi.
– “Ouman’s people take your problems seriously and never leave you on our own with them. Help is always available,” says Taavitsainen.
– “We have a very positive overall image of Ouman. Everything has gone smoothly, warranty issues included”, says Savolainen.
– “We can’t even really say what we’re especially happy with – we’re especially happy with everything,” says Taavitsainen.

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