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Take advantage of free energy

Saving energy does not have to translate into feeling cold. The majority of properties suffer from an imbalance and temperature differences as high as 5–7 degrees within a building. Properties are heated according to the coolest apartment, while elsewhere the excess heat is aired out of windows. The biggest shortcoming in housing companies is not knowing the real apartment temperatures. This leads to guesswork and unnecessary repairs. Nor does it allow for the utilisation of free energy.

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The HeatGuard service saves you 10% in heating costs

Heating costs are a housing company’s biggest cost item – they account for approximately 25% of all costs. The Ouman HeatGuard service achieves 10% savings in heating costs, on average. For a housing company, this means thousands of euros in savings. The investment will pay for itself fast, usually in less than three years. In addition to a one-time purchase, we offer a payment period model, without initial investments.

We will update a housing company’s automation into a modern, energy-saving Ouflex system, which can be controlled remotely. In addition, we will fit apartments with wireless heat and humidity sensors, which will reveal the housing company’s real heat map and any imbalance in the heating system. The HeatGurad service is already used by more than 2,500 housing companies.

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Heating is optimised according to the real situation. Heating problems are located in real time and measures are directed correctly. The monitoring of temperatures and moisture helps locate structural problems and prevents them from arising. A property in better balance is energy efficient and heats evenly, despite changes in weather.

Ouman technology allows housing companies and property managers to monitor a building’s temperature, humidity and the functionality of its heating process. In addition, the automation system can be adjusted via a secure remote connection and any necessary alarms can be transmitted to the maintenance company and property manager.

Order a Savings Survey from your regional team (only in Finland)
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HeatGuard is not just a devices, it is a total service:

  • We make Savings surveys for properties
  • We communicate with the residents of the property
  • We install the devices used in HeatGuard service
  • We make the adjustment work to the heating system
  • We follow and report the made savings
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee
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