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Building automation systems and customised solutions

Building automation is a necessity. Not a single building works without it. You need building automation customised for a particular property. At its best, building automation works invisibly in terms of the property user’s day-to-day life. Ouman can provide you with an overall building automation system and with solutions customised for a particular property.

Ouman systems are easy to use and data can be transferred securely for remote control.  Remote control improves a property’s process management and facilitates the work of the maintenance company.  The Ouman automation system allows the integration of the monitoring of heating energy and water. It makes the monitoring simple and enables the fast detection of deviations.

We can serve as both equipment supplier and equipment fitter. We can also operate and monitor your property’s HVAC processes. You choose the best way to operate, from your property’s perspective.

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10% lower heating costs

The Ouman system and its professional operation have enabled us to save, on average, more than 10% of a property’s annual heating costs. At the same time, we have reduced properties’ carbon dioxide emissions.

At HeatGuard sites, we reduce the consumption of heating energy by approximately 10% a year.  The figure is equal to the full weekly heating power of the Salmisaari power plant. With the savings accumulated since 2014, the power plant could be closed for a period of six weeks. The typical payback time for housing companies is less than three years.

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Maintain indoor premises energy-efficiently

Ouman’s wireless measuring system is easy and cost-effective to install, even in an older property. The property’s temperature and humidity monitoring via a wireless sensor network makes the maintenance of indoor premises easy and energy efficient.

Ouman’s wireless measuring system monitors a property’s real temperature and humidity. The wireless system allows for the effective optimisation of heating and ventilation control. Our customer service is also aware of apartment-specific temperatures in case of complaints.

Humidity and temperature measurements are also used to improve ventilation and detect moisture problems. The wireless system can be scaled to cover a number of measurement points and applications, such as the leak detector of a wash stand or the moisture metering of a base floor.

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Increase the value of your property

Updated automation and the addition of apartment-specific sensors make for a more energy-efficient property, and increase its value. Moisture metering allows you to identify problem apartments, measure base floor moisture and avoid costly repairs. Remote control ensures the technical functionality of the heating system and maintains property value.

The Ouman service includes a survey of the heating system’s condition, used to determine the property-specific solution and the system’s development needs. You can find the resources for all of your property’s HVAC development processes at Ouman and its partners.

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Why choose Ouman?

  1. Reliable systems. We have 30 years of experience in temperature controls and furnace rooms. We can also provide you with secure remote control systems.
  2. User-friendly products. The maintenance people do not have to puzzle over manuals, given that the Ouman product is clear and easy to use and often already familiar to them.
  3. It is a safe purchase. Product support is always available and the Ouman product family is scalable according to your property’s needs. Ouman’s system is open, and you will not be dependent on a single contractor.