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Ounet web-based SCADA

The automation system of an entire building can be controlled via the Ounet web-based SCADA. The web-based SCADA provides a real-time view for different user groups of the property’s automation. Any possible alarms can also be directed to building maintenance with a text message (requires a GSM connection), which improves reaction times. Unnecessary and chargeable inspection visits to the property are also reduced when the same things can be checked in the Ounet web-based SCADA. The property manager, for example, can monitor the property’s energy consumption and ensure the equal living conditions of various flats.

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A wireless sensor system in a day – to housing companies old or new

Do you know the condition of your property’s automation and heat distribution equipment? Are your technical building services in order? Is the heat distributed evenly across different flats? Whether you are the owner, property manager or resident of a property, everyone benefits from the housing company having good indoor air and a suitable room temperature.

Ouman has developed a wireless sensor system – Ouman Wireless – due to which sensor fitting can be carried out rapidly and cost-effectively at all sites, including older housing companies. Thanks to wirelessness, there is no need for cabling and structures do not necessarily need to be touched. An entire housing company can be fitted with sensors even during a single working day. The speed and simplicity of the process also translates into lighter costs.

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Optimum heating balance, in all weather

The system collects measurement data on living conditions round the clock. The collected measurement data is imported to the automation equipment, which manages the property’s heating control.  Room-specific measurements reveal any imbalance in the heating network, and repair measures can be carried out room-specifically. The impact of the changes can be verified and the heating balance of the property ensured. This increases home comfort and saves on heating costs.

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Ouman ACCESS is an inexpensive and intelligent remote connection to Ouman automation equipment. It uses the site’s existing internet connection, thanks to which it can be commissioned immediately.

A secure connection to automation devices. All devicescompatible with ACCESS has a unique key coded at the factory, the counter-key of which is located on the ACCESS server. The internet connection can be ensured with redundancy (fixed connection + 3G or 3G + 3G).

The Ouman ACCESS remote connection is easy and fast to use. Its use does not require IT skills. It does not need firewall configuration or a fixed and/or public IP address to work. Nor does the Ouman ACCESS remote connection require programming.

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