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Ouman EH-800 heating controller

Heating controller EH-800 meets today’s requirements. EH-800 regulates and controls on your behalf, and nature also benefits from lower energy consumption. EH-800 allows for versatile and remote use. The controller can also be extended to another heating circuit (such as underfloor heating) or another heating source (such as an air or water source heat pump or a solar collector).  These properties make the EH-800 controller as safe choice for future needs as well.

The easiest way to install the system in your house is through Ouman’s partners.

In addition to the EH-800 controller, the boiler rooms of detached houses usually contain an Ouman H23 heating controller, delivered as a fixed component in a lot of heat distribution equipment.

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Fonel PLUS C home automation

Ouman also manufactures home automation systems for new buildings. These systems are sold through FSM Oy. Fonel PLUS C is an easy-to-use and remote controllable home automation system that functions intelligently and automatically in line with various control situations (at home, night, away, away for an extended period of time and arriving). It is ideal for detached houses and villas, as well as small commercial properties.

Fonel PLUS C combines heating, ventilation, security engineering and other technical building services as well as adjustments into a functional whole. Fonel PLUS C conserves energy and increases both home comfort and safety.

Plus Tool design software

User-friendliness is an integral part of Ouman’s product philosophy. We have paid special attention to the design and deployment of systems. To that end, we have developed the easy-to-use Plus Tool design software, for the design of a desired system combination. The software provides you with a ready-made electrical design (the home automation section), a list of equipment, prices included, and switching instructions.

The Fonel PLUS C home automation is sold and marketed by FSM Oy:

Sales: +358 207 559 500
Vantaa: Niittyvillankuja 4, 01510 Vantaa, Finland
Nokia: Kolmenkulmantie 1, 37150 Nokia, Finland