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Ouman EH-800 and EH-800B

A heating controller with a compact structure, also scalable to another control circuit or the parallel control of another heating source. The EH-800 can operated remotely within a home network with a web browser.

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Intelligent heating controller for detached houses

Home comfort improves when room temperatures remain even despite changeable weather conditions. Energy is conserved when water of precisely the right temperature, sufficient to maintain the desired room temperature, is released to the heating network. An intelligent controller is also increasingly better in accounting for differences between heating methods and structures.

User-friendliness starts from the sizeable and clear display, which allows you to see all of the relevant information in one glance. The recent history of measurements can also be viewed as a graphic presentation; you can check the realisation of the heating reduction or what the night-time temperature was in the morning.

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“Ouman EH-800 is clearly the most advanced heating controller when compared to competitors”

We hardly ever have any problems with Ouman. We have received very good feedback from its operation. The system works well and people are happy.”

These are a few comments made by Timo Knaapi, the managing director of Öljy- ja Sähkölämpö Oy, regarding his experience on Ouman’s EH-800 heating controller. See the video for more reasons why Timo considers the EH-800 such a good heating controller.

Fast and easy installation

Ouman EH-800 is suitable for every building with water-driven central heating, in which the heating source can be anything at all – oil, solar power, wood, pellet, district heating, electricity or geothermal heat.

EH-800 is suitable for the most commonly used boiler and accumulator valves. The installation series included in the basic package is suitable for ESBE 3MG and brass boiler valves, VEXVE AMV valves and Belimo’s ball valves. The installation does not require special tools, and you can also do it yourself. The regulator’s purpose of use is selected during its configuration. The basic settings are activated automatically and the regulator can be put to use immediately.

EH-800 heating controllers are extremely versatile and suitable for different applications. The basic heating level can be controlled with the push of a button – easy enough for anyone. Heat can be reduced or increased conveniently with the at home/away switch connected to the controller or by sending a text message prompt* to the device.

* With a GSM modem, accessory

EH-800 käytössä

Connection to a home network

The EH-800 controller can be connected to a property’s own secure local area network (not applicable to EH-800B). It is possible to connect EH-800 to the internet by using solution provided by third-party. When connecting the EH-800 to the Internet, you must take care of the device’s security and firewall yourself. Ouman does not provide product support for this feature. You might ask help for third-party IT expert.
Supported browsers include the Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

You can use your GSM phone to communicate with the controller, provided that it is fitted with a GSM modem (accessory). The communication takes place with keywords. If you want to, you can receive information on the controller’s measurements, active alarms, supply water or room temperature to your mobile phone. You can also read and, when necessary, modify the controller’s set values, change its control method or adjust it to reduce temperature or return to the normal temperature.

Control of hybrid heating

The external unit EXP-800 allows for extending a heating controller’s operation to the parallel control of another heat source. It allows you to control a new, more ecological heat source bought to complement an older source of heat intelligently, so that there is always enough heat available. In addition, it allows for the control of the pump charging a solar collector’s accumulator with the help of a thermostat-controlled switch. In this case, the controller will switch the pump on whenever solar energy is available.

The EH-800 and EH-800B heating regulators are sold by all well-stocked HVAC stores and wholesalers across Finland.

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