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“Ouman has made our everyday life easier”

Helsingin LVIS-Säätölaitepalvelu Oy implements building automation and electrical work. In their building automation work, the company uses the various Ouman systems. The Finnish origins of Ouman as well as great customer service and technical support were all decisive factors in the selection of Ouman. Annually, Helsingin LVIS-Säätölaitepalvelu implements about 30 projects, which all utilise Ouman’s systems.

– Our customers turn to us for servicing and building automation and electricity work says automation programmerJesse Kallberg.

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A few comments from the video:

– Ouman is the best option for us because of its good customer service and technical support.

– The customers find the devices easy to use. That’s probably been the most important aspect for us. We no longer need to visit a site again and again just because the customers doesn’t know what they’re doing. They can use the devices without any
kind of user training at all.

– Ouman has made our everyday life easier. We’ve had fewer technical defects of the kind that we used to have in other systems.

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