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The wireless system works automatically and improves living comfort

The Sammonkatu 41 housing company in Tampere uses Ouman’s wireless system to monitor and control temperatures as part of the building automation system. With the help of the Ounet service, temperatures can be easily controlled with for example a mobile phone. This means improvement in living comfort and energy savings as even temperatures are maintained despite the weather conditions.

The Sammonkatu 41 property has been maintained with care and comprehensively renovated. The building is connected to the district heating network and includes a total of 16,000 heated cubic metres. The building is managed by Comar Oy, a house managing company specialising in valuable properties.

– The building has 65 apartments as well as a few business premises, reports Pentti Harju, the chairperson of the board of the housing company.

“The installation went really smoothly”

The building makes use of Ouman’s wireless system, which includes wireless sensors in each room, routing wireless sensors and a base station. The wireless sensors measure the room temperatures in the apartments, and the outdoor sensor measures the outside temperature. The system automatically responds to changes in temperature and tries to optimise it according to the conditions while also saving energy. The idea to install the system came from the house managing company.

– The installation went really smoothly. I was there when Ouman’s installers fitted the sensors. In the apartments, the measuring devices are attached to the walls using only tape. The system is wireless, so no wires are needed, says Harju.

– We want to bring new things and innovations into old buildings. Our cooperation with Ouman has worked very nicely. They also maintain and repair our thermal appliances when necessary, explains Marko Ahlqvist.

An easy-to-use and real-time system

Before the wireless system was installed, inhabitants used to call the caretaker if it was cold in the apartments. The caretaker adjusted the heating higher, and when the weather became warmer, it was soon too warm in the apartments. Now, with the help of the Ounet service, the heating can be remotely controlled when necessary for example with a mobile phone.

– From the house manager’s perspective, the biggest benefits of the system are that it’s easy to use and works in real time. Thanks to the Ounet service, I’ll always get real-time information from the building. I’m also able to review the data during evenings and weekends and thus serve my customers, says Ahlqvist.

– My phone doesn’t ring so often nowadays. I no longer get phone calls from inhabitants complaining that it’s too cold or hot, because the water circulation in the radiators can be optimised. The system starts to increase heating if it gets colder for example at night, he continues.

– The system improves living comfort and functions automatically without us having to go and check it. Ouman takes care of everything – if something comes up and I call them, they’ll come and take care of it.

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