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HeatGuard service

The HeatGuard service employs the Ouman Wireless system, the programmable Ouflex system and the Ounet remote control tool. Our experts rely on real temperature data to optimise a property’s heating, thereby enabling reductions in the costs of heating energy. By choosing a suitable service package, you can get exactly the services required by your housing company.

Save on heating energy costs

The Ouman Wireless system provides flat-specific measurement data on temperature and humidity. It allows for balancing the heating system of the entire building in such a way that overheating does not occur. This also translates into clear cost savings. Humidity measuring facilitates the location of flats departing from the norm and any possible problem spots.

When flat-specific measurement data is not available, a property is usually heated on the basis of the coldest flat. This easily leads to what is referred to as overheating. The resident who has complained about their cold flat is happy when the maintenance company increases heat in the radiator network, but the residents of other flats have to remove the excess heat from ventilation windows. This is costly for the housing company.

SYSTEM SUPPORT (Ouman Flexiot system)
SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Ouman unit controllers)

The average savings for using Ouman’s services have been €7,000/building

In the linked video, CEO Merja Uurainen and Technical Housing Manager Hannu Tossavainen of Heinolan vuokra-asunnot Oy tell us about their experience from Ouman’s services.

The main issues highlighted are:
– Modern extension of maintenance – targeted help where it is needed
– Savings in heating costs
– Steady temperature for occupants
– No unnecessary calls to the housing manager
– We can recommend Ouman

Heinolan vuokra-asunnot Oy is a housing company owned by the City of Heinola, consisting of 36 buildings with 748 apartments. Ouman supplies for these buildings the heating control equipment, equipment maintenance services and occupant-specific monitoring for ensuring living comfort.

Free energy is also put to use

When room temperatures are monitored, the heating power of flats can be changed as necessary. In the spring, for example, when we start to feel the heat of the sun again, the heating power can be turned down in the daytime and, correspondingly, increased during the night. People, pets and electrical appliances also warm up indoor air, by as much as 10–20 per cent.

Puun lehti

Book a free survey

We offer the opportunity for a free survey conducted by an Ouman professional. The survey consists of checking the condition of your property’s heating system and its automation level. The observations made, including any recommended measures, are presented to the housing company’s board and property manager. A survey visit is always free of charge and does not bind the housing company to anything or in any way. The measures to be carried out are agreed with the housing company’s board.

In connection to the installation of the wireless sensors, it is also a good idea to update the rest of the building automation to meet modern requirements. An update of the automation technology is necessary for connecting Ouman Wireless, for instance, to the Ouman Ounet web-based SCADA. The Ouman Wireless sensor system works independently as well, but you can get the most out of it by connecting it to the Ounet Web-based SCADA. Ouman can provide you with productised and competitive solutions for updating your automation. Our sales representatives will be happy to tell you more.

HeatGuard service levels

We have productised three different-level service packages with which the wireless sensor system Ouman Wireless can be connected to the web-based Ounet. All of the service packages also include deployment tunings, usage guidance for the maintenance companies, the routing of alarms to maintenance companies and the consideration of weather forecasts in heating adjustment. The 3G module necessary for internet communication is also always included in the HeatGuard service.


  • Two-year equipment warranty
  • Deployment tuning
  • Usage guidance for maintenance companies
  • Routing of the heating system’s alarms to maintenance companies
  • The Ounet web-based SCADA
  • Consideration of the weather forecast in the control of heating
  • 3G subscription


(Includes the following in addition to the MINI service level)

  • Regular remote monitoring
  • Technical support related to the heating system for maintenance companies
  • Savings monitoring and reporting at agreed intervals and upon request
  • Annual inspection, including any recommended measures


(Includes the following in addition to the MINI and PLUS service levels)

  • Optimisation of the heating system
  • Free flat visits, including any repair measures, on the basis of customer feedback
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