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Ouman Ouflex A / A XL

Ouman Ouflex is a programmable automation system that enables the efficient monitoring and management of a property’s building automation. The programming of the Ouflex building automation system takes place with the user-friendly Ouflex Tool. The Ounet web-based SCADA constitutes an integral part of the Ouman property automation system.

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A freely programmable automation system

The operation of modern, more complex building automation equipment is largely based on programmable logic controllers. Thanks to free programmability, the same equipment platform can be used for highly varied automation solutions. This enables the same equipment to work flexibly in different projects and processes.

Ouflex is a DIN-track mounted, freely programmable monitoring, control and adjustment device. The device has 34 I/O points as well as diverse telecom and bus connections. In addition, the device offers 24 V AC and 15 V DC voltage outputs. The device’s display module can be detached and relocated. The number of the device’s I/O points can be expanded with external I/O modules via bus connections. The structure, which complies with the DIN standard, enables mounting to most substation cabinet models. The detachable terminal blocks facilitate mounting.

SYSTEM SUPPORT (Ouman Flexiot system)
SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Ouman unit controllers)

Ouman has a functional, easy-to-use equipment package

See the experience of Tony Lindqvist, responsible for HPAC installations for the City or Raasepori, of Ouman’s building automation system. A few of Tony’s thoughts:
– Ouman’s technical support has been excellent.
– We have close cooperation with colleagues at the City of Espoo, and that has worked really well.
– Our facility maintenance people find the Ounet system user friendly
– For supervisors, Ounet has the advantage that we do not always have to visit the site; instead, remote control allows us to see what is going on. We can also adjust the set values remotely.
– We have been very pleased with the equipment. Very few faults.
– Ouman delivers a ready product, and that has been very important for us.



We have productised four compact I/O modules that allow for expanding the Ouflex automation system’s I/O points.

  • Fast and easy configuration via bus connections to Modbus registers with a separate, free program
  • Indication of bus status and inputs/outputs with LEDs
  • Compact, DIN-track mounted, easy to mount in the most common substation cabinets
  • The detachable tension spring terminals facilitate mounting
  • The redundant bus connectors make mounting faster and easier
  • The bus’s biasing and terminators are easily activated with DIP switches
  • The I/O modules are Modbus RTU devices to be connected to the RS-485 bus


The FLEX UI8 input module has 8 universal inputs. The devices allow the connection of:

  • 0–10 V voltage message
  • 0/4–20 mA current message
  • Passive sensors (NTC10, Pt1000, Ni1000LG and DIN 43760, NTC1.8, NTC2.2 or NTC 20)
  • Contact information (opening/closing)
  • Pulse counting
Ouman Flex UI8


The FLEX AO8 output module has 8 analogue control outputs.

  • Output voltage range 0…10 V
  • Output current max. 7mA/output
  • Each output can be selected separately for either automatic or manual control through the switch on the front panel (MANUAL/AUTO)
  • If the switch is in the manual position, you can set the output value in the range of 0…10 v by rotating the potentiometer.
Ouman AO8


The FLEX DO4-R relay module has 4 relay controls.

  • Each relay control can be selected separately for automatic control or positively actuated either on or off (ON/AUTO/OFF)
  • Change-over contact relay 230 Vac/4A or 24 Vdc/4A
  • Easy to install in a power room
Ouman DO4 TRS


The FLEX DO4-TRS triac module has 4 triac control outputs.

  • Each output can be selected separately for automatic control or positively actuated either on or off (ON/AUTO/OFF)
  • 24…230 V AC, max. 1A/output
  • Voltage-free AC switch
  • DC controls require an intermediate relay
Ouman DO4 TRS

The I/O points of an Ouflex device can also be expanded flexibly with separate Flex expansion units. Ouman has productised three different Flex expansion units (Flex UI16, Flex Combi 21 and Flex Combi 32). In addition, an Ouflex system can be supplemented by a Flex EXU card for a local I/O extension.

Ouman Flex Combi 32