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Ernströmgruppen acquires Ouman Group

Ernströmgruppen is a private industrial conglomerate that develops and acquires well-managed companies in interesting niches. The business model is based on combining the best from small businesses with the large company’s strengths such as stability, structure and exchange of experience. The group consists of 26 niche companies such as Armatec, Armaturjonsson, Kruge Piping System, CM Hammar, Rimeda, REC indovent, Polyform, BS Elcontrol and others. Activities ranges from production of marine safety equipment, technica ltrading companies to energy efficiency of industries and real estate. Ernströmgruppen, which 2018 for the sixth consecutive year, reached all-time-high earnings, a turnover of SEK 2 billion and has over 700 Employees in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Ernströmgruppen acquires Ouman Group and makes its largest acquisition ever.

The industrial conglomerate Ernströmgruppen acquires the Ouman Group and establishes itself as a major player in building automation Northern Europe.

Ouman develops, manufactures and sells products and services for building automation and energy saving measures of real estate and industries. With the head office in Finland the company has a strong presence in Estonia, Sweden and Russia. The main production plant is based in Estonia. The group has a total turnover of 35 MEuro through its approximately 300 employees.

The takeover will take place on September 2, 2019

“Ernströmgruppen continues to build a strong industrial conglomerate with companies working in future niches. Building automation has long been a priority area as it fits very well with our ambition to be an owner who positively influences social development towards a digital and sustainable future.

In accordance with our decentralized governance model, Ouman will continue to work as an independent business, with existing management, in our eco-system of well-managed companies”, says Ernströmgruppen CEO Pontus Cornelius.

“I am excited by this opportunity to join a growing and ambitious group of companies run by entrepreneurial minded people. I am also thankful for the support that the company had received from its previous owner, AAC Capital, which has helped us double Oumans turnover and profitability during the last six years. I strongly believe in Ernströmgruppens decentralized model that gives Ouman the possibility to develop its business well prepared for a sustainable future.

For customers the message is stability and continuity, we still aim at serving them better every year. For the society our aim is to keep delivering our motto “Saving energy, creating comfort” For our staff this change means that we will continue to work with our strengths focusing on developing the business and our long-term customer relationships.” says Matti Lipsanen, CEO of Ouman Group.

For more information, please contact;

Pontus Cornelius
Tel. +46 733 588 388

Matti Lipsanen
Ouman Group
Tel. +358 40 750 3953

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