Million savings with Ouman’ s Heat Guard in the heating expenses of apartment houses

Newsletter 28.3.2014: The HeatGuard service develop by Ouman from Kempele is able to adjust the heating system consumption of an apartment house to a clearly smaller level. Ouman has approximately 1600 customers in Finland, mainly housing companies. ”The heating costs of our client properties have decreased by 5,4 million euros, thanks to HeatGuard, tells Ouman’s Tommi Jokelainen.

Heating costs are the biggest item of expenditure of the housing company with a 25% share of all costs. Ouman’s HeatGuard achieves an average of 17% reduction in heating costs. For a housing company this reaches into several thousands of euros, every year, for example for the 25 000 euro heating costs of 30 apartments the saving is 4300 euros. The investment pays itself back quickly, usually in less than two years.

”We have saved about 1,1 million euros with HeatGuard in Oulu region”, says Jokelainen in an event arrange by Oulu’s building supervision and Property association. In some sites energy is saved even more. For example the housing corporation Matador in Oulu has measured a saving of 22% and the housing corporation Tervaporvari even a saving of 27%. In these types of sites, HeatGuard will pay itself back already in a year.

HeatGuard, a size of coffee packet, is installed to the heat distribution room to a hydronic radiator heating network and attached to the heat control automation. HeatGuard takes into account sources of free heat such as the sun, body heat, home appliances and other sources of thermal production.

HeatGuard measures the pressure difference in the heating network by detecting changes in radiator thermostats in apartments in real time and relaying that information to the thermostat controls, which then allocate the optimum amount of heat to the network. The correct temperature of water ensures the optimal flow in the heating network. This differential pressure-based compensation method is patented (nr. 120059).

Ouman’s total service includes a free property saving survey, reporting to the property residents and maintenance, installation of the HeatGuard and the adjustments to it, checking the basic fees of the district heating, monitoring the created savings and reporting. ”We offer also satisfaction and savings warranties”, promises Jokelainen.