Ouman Estonia started an expansion project

Ouman has always been interested to use energy smarter. Our vision is to lead the way to sustainable future suppluying the HVAC market with products that create healthier planet and people. Our products reduce energy consumption and help restore a sustainable environment. We develop our products in Finland and manufacture them in Saaremaa Estonia and Kempele Finland.

Despite the current uncertain economical environment, we believe in brighter future and we are proud of the performance in our factories. In May, we started an expansion project of a production factory in Kuressaare. The additional 600 m2 of production space will enable the company to grow in the coming years, provide an opportunity to invest in more environmentally friendly technologies, reducing the ecological footprint and significantly improve the working environment.

The expansion of the production plant also provides an opportunity to invest in new production equipment: an additional SMD line, an inline tester, an automatic component warehouse, etc.
To improve energy efficiency, we modernize the entire plant’s HVAC systems and install solar panels.

Production will begin in the expanded building in October 2020.