Our primary purpose is to manufacture a product for you that is competitive and sells on the market.

Get to know Ouman’s ODM and OEM services that will help you in the design, production and maintenance of a competitive and selling product. Ouman supplies 1,2 million products for several significant building service manufacturers in the Baltic region annually.

Two key factors for success

According to our experience, there are two key factors that solve the success of your product. The first factor is mutual openness, the second one is understanding realities.

Nobody can be an expert of all areas at the same time. Therefore, Ouman specializes in building engineering solutions especially regarding ventilation and heat adjustment.

Our primary purpose of the system built on our expertise is to manufacture a product for you that is competitive and sells on the market. When the business is flowing, also the manufactured pieces of the product increase and every party benefits from it.

How does our expertise in building engineering benefit you?

1. You avoid unnecessary errors and you reach your goals faster – We know the standard requirements of our business, the environments and circumstances. We know what is expected and required from products entering these markets. We understand the total market and know which solutions sell for the end user.

2. You are not alone with project management – We are not an engineering office where you buy engineering services at an hourly price. We are a comprehensive partners who walks with you at every stage to the end. Our success depends on yours. We are on the same side of the table.

3. A systemic benefit that removes the bottle necks of production – The factories and purchase channels that we use are customised to enable ordering component used in building engineering quickly and in large amounts.

The low-threshold progress alternative

Ouman’s OEM service suits for equipment manufacturers or trademark owners who want to test a target market with minor manufacturing quantities without extra risks, with low costs and a quick schedule.

Ouman’s OEM service means the development of products and certain regulators. At Ouman, we have developed several products, certain regulators and many other similar equipment. These products that already exist can be customized to correspond to your needs and sold as a part of your product.

What benefits does the OEM solution include?

1. Ouman guarantees the quality of your product – You can strengthen our marketing speech by telling your customers that your product uses Finnish, proven and high-quality Ouman regulators that are customized for the purpose.

2. As a customer, you do not need to worry about the development costs – High numbers of manufacturing aim to compensate the development costs. When there are no development costs, you start with an OEM solution quickly and easily even with small manufacturing numbers.

Stand out from your competitors with your own personal products

Ouman’s ODM service works as your partners according to your wishes and expectations. The service suits best for manufacturers or trademark owners who want to stand out at markets with their personalized products and whose manufacturing numbers suffice for as effective cost optimization as possible.

We design, manufacture and deliver your products. You integrate the product to your own system. The product will not be stamped with Ouman’s name, but it belongs completely to you.

The process offers you a complete protection for your monetary and time-related investment. We cannot sell a similar solution for your competitor because you have the proprietary right.

The design of competitive and selling product starts from your needs and views

  • What should the product look like?
  • How should the product work?
  • Which features should the product have?

We help you in designing the product. We will go through different options and essential questions, such as…

  1. What is possible and what is sensible?
  2. What do all different options cost?
  3. Is it worth paying for the feature x, if it is possible to buy three other, proven and beneficial features with the same money?

We help you to select the right features for your product

An Ouman product has typically two parts. The first part is a control system that takes care of the total operation of the equipment. The second part is a user interface that communicates with the user.

There are endless options for the appearance and functions of the user interface today. Do you need a fully graphic colour display or is a couple of “seven segment” displays enough? How about touch screen and speech control?

At this stage it is important to know what kinds of solutions the market is ready to receive and what kinds of solutions are financially reasonable in your situation.

We will negotiate together a solution that sells.

How does the process continue?

Preparation stage

After contacting us, we start making drafts and brainstorming.

  1. We will tell you at this stage, how we think the situation should be taken care of.
  2. We will provide preliminary evaluations of how much different solutions would cost.
  3. We analyse, how the product suits your current product collection and how the product would sell in your own distribution channels.

After this, we will agree on starting the project and focus the contents of the project, which depends greatly on the scope of the made preparation. Can you find good product drawings, of which we are able to calculate the design and manufacturing costs for the product? We will also calculate the selling price for the product based on these data, for which we can sell the product to you.

The design stage of the product and production

We plan all electronics, software and mechanics for the product in the actual design phase. We also ensure that the manufacturing of the product runs in an optimal manner.

The engineering office designing the product, who does not have its own production providing continuous feedback, cannot see the requirements of the production easily. Therefore using a plan coming from the outside makes the product manufacturing quite difficult. When planning Ouman’s products and production, we also have knowledge from the production side.

We can create a plan with design and production where the production costs are minimized.

We also select the components to be used at the design stage, which form over a half of the total costs. We are able to make such component selections with our system that they will decrease the total costs without compromising the quality.

In case the product needs a third party approval, we can, in most cases, apply the approval for you.

The actual production stage

Two things are needed for manufacturing the product: factories with their workers and components, of which the products will be manufactured. If a product going to production is designed by Ouman, the availability of components, purchase channels and buffering are ensured beforehand already at the design stage. When the selling of your product has started and the product is in production, we are able to delivered the right number at the right time.

Our functional system also enables quick and reliable deliveries. As our customer you do not need to store too much of our product and tie your capital to your inventories in case of potential delivery problems.

Post-maintenance stage

There are no such products to which changes are never needed. We offer post-maintenance services for this need.

When the product is put to the production, the needs for changes come up:

  1. The first needs often can be heard from the seller. The product would sell more if it had one additional features.
  2. The need for the change may also be created by the feature of the device, whose operability should be improved.
  3. Components or solutions will enter the market with which it is possible to lower the price of the product.
  4. Components have their own life cycle, which cannot be affected. When the availability of a certain component ends, it needs to be replaced by an alternative component or a new design round for avoiding the problem.
  5. Authority requirements change and the product needs to be updated to respond to the newest requirements.

Planning a new product? Please contact:

Pasi Manneros
Sales director, Rauma

Juhani Huhta
Key customer manager, Kempele

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