Rationalizing heating is an effortless way to save in a housing company

J-Isännöinti started saving energy with the help of Ouman’s savings survey. Jani Oförsagd, the CEO and real estate manager of J-Isännöinti, is convinced of the optimization of the heating energy by Ouman’s HeatGuard. J-Isännöinti’s client companies have reached significant results with Ouman.

J-Isännöinti from Naantali had cooperated with Ouman for a year by autumn 2013. Ouman HeatGuard was installed already to seven client companies of which six were normal apartment houses and one as a three-apartment terrace house. The total area of the housing companies is over 15 000 square metres.

Energy saving is along the general discussion a hot topic also in the housing companies. When Ouman wanted to hear J-Isännöinti’s interest to hear more about energy savings, the response was enthusiastic: ”Why not! Of course we are interested,” recalls Jani Oförsagd, the CEO of J-Isännöinti and real estate manager. They decided to arrange two energy saving events, to which they invited all representatives of the J-Isännöinti’s client companies.

A saving survey points out the needs for changes


After the energy saving night Ouman realized a savings survey in all those housing companies that were interested in purchasing an Ouman HeatGuard. The energy survey examined the thermal control systems and related equipment of the entire housing complex. The condition of the equipment was checked and other possible basic improvements recorded in the survey and detailed in a proposal for action.

”We discovered in one location that the radiator valves and their thermostats were so old that they had to be replaced.” When the situation was discovered before the purchase of Ouman HeatGuard, and costs were presented as a part of the entity, the housing properties did not experience any surprises. Also Oförsagd is satisfied with the procedure: ”It makes perfect sense to install the required purchases for the Ouman HeatGuard so as to optimize these with the necessary repairs.”

Newest experiences

The first Ouman HeatGuards were installed to the J-Isännöinti’s customer companies in November-December 2012. Among the experiences of the year, there are success stories and more challenging cases. ”In some housing companies the saving percent was very close to what Ouman had reported, in others they remained below the average”, Oförsagd sums up.

In housing companies where the savings targets have not yet been realized, they have started the investigations with Ouman. The target was to analyse the entity and find out the reasons why they were behind the targets. ”We did not mean to freeze anyone with our savings!” Oförsagd says.

Optimal solution for a housing company


Jani Oförsagd is convinced of the functionality of Ouman HeatGuard and the benefits it provides: ”With my experiences I can recommend HeatGuard!” However, the housing companies should observe the heating and temperatures of the properties as an entity, which are influenced by earlier and future renovations and solutions.

”I would recommend Ouman HeatGuard for 70s-80s properties in the first place. I would see that they have the biggest opportunities to create good savings,” says Oförsagd. In order to set targets and to reach them it is important to observe, at what level the energy efficiency of the properties is at the initial point.