Building automation

User-friendly and mobile building automation products

Building automation is a necessity today. Basically no building operates without it. You need a building automation solution that suits for your property. At its best, a well operating building automation cannot even be noticed by the users of the property.

The majority of Finnish housing companies have Ouman’s automation.

We know building automation. Therefore, most Finnish housing companies use Ouman’s automation.

Adjusting the heating is the most important thing that automation is used for. We have a long experience of the heating network operation of housing companies in Nordic circumstances. We also know the operation of the ventilation in housing companies and the building engineering of the property in one way or another.

Our strength can be found in unit regulators, which operate independently and which can be connected to become a part of the total system when necessary.

In addition to unit regulators, we manufacture system products, which are possible for managing even larger entities.

What are the benefits of independently operating unit regulators?

A housing company seldom goes through a full renovation, where they would replace all control of electronic building services. Instead, the work is made in small parts. In connection to renewing the roof, they may renew the exhaust ventilation. After that, they may renew pipework, and the contents of the heat distribution room.

The renovation is made in small parts, but building automation reaches all areas of the property.

Unit regulators and system products are modular and enable progress in cycles. This means that all automation is not needed to be at the same time. You can progress with building engineering one part at a time as your renovation project progresses.

Progressive automation that works with common sense

1. User-friendly

The need for using the building services comes up suddenly, e.g. in the middle of a fault situation. In these cases the user-friendliness becomes valuable. User interfaces are made in clear Finnish and the menu structures are simple. You can forget code, parameters and thick manuals hanging on the wall. All functions are clear by scanning the display. The monitor can also instruct the user.

2. Anticipates and reports fault situations

Anticipatory automation speeds up finding the fault and provides a convincing image of the housing property operation for the resident. The operation of the property can be monitored on a mobile device in real time.

Esimerkki: There is a fault in the service water network, and a regulator belonging to its automation detects it first. The maintenance company of the housing company gets an automatic notification about the type and location of the fault. In this case, the regulator tells unambiguously that it is the overheating alarm of service water. After a moment even the resident detects the fault and calls the maintenance company. The resident heats from the maintenance company that the fault has already been detected and repair measures have been taken.

The maintenance company’s response and quick reaction to the problem provide a reliable and updated image of the operation of the housing company and maintenance company.

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